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Christiane’s Happy Painting

About Christiane De Clercq

Christiane was born in Wilrijk in 1946. She spent her childhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When she was ten years old she already had great interest in art.

Without any professional training, she started to make all kinds of paitings; painting on fabric, silk, oil paints on canvas, watercolor, etc ...

Back then she didn’t know that this painting was a great therapy for her, that later on she could share with others.

Porcelain Painting

At the age of 14 years she got very interested in porcelain painting. She was taught by the artist Zenaide Lernould, who introduced her into the delicate, fragile world of porcelain, and by the artist Carlos Spina, among other artists.

This is a very special art and requires a considerable technical skill. Christiane uses paint pigments that come from abroad. These pigments are mixed with a special essential oil. She uses the “one-fire” technique .. In this technique, the colors are applied to the porcelain one after the other, and then the porcelain is baked at a temperature of 800 ° C. Through this unique baking process the paint penetrates into the enamel, which gives a special glow to the porcelain.

Silk Painting

At the age of 10, Christiane already began to paint on silk. She was taught by various artists from Brazil, France and Belgium (Antwerp Academy).


To learn the techniques of watercolor painting, she attended to a training in Brazil, given by different artists.

Oil paints

Christiane has completed a training course in Brazil, organized by different artists. In 2001, she attended to another training in oil painting in America and in the Netherlands.

She has taught specific techniques, in order to better shape the inspiration. Christiane paints her visions and inspirations directly on the object, without first drawing on porcelain, silk, canvas or watercolor.